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Login to your Agent Gateway account (multi-factor authentication is required; refer to your Agent Profile) Upload A Doc will appear on the Home Page. Then select either Document Upload or View Upload History.

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What is the best document upload client portal for You?

File Request Pro lets your clients upload files and content quickly and securely. You can get started in 10 minutes. There is no learning curve for you or your clients. Document upload client portals are often complex to understand and offer many add-on features like project milestones, virtual data and video meetings.

How can i Improve my upload portal experience?

Use custom branding to create your own branded upload portal. Reassure clients and partners they are in the right place. Automate file requests, reminders and thank you emails. Message sequences are 'smart' and respond to the actions of your clients.

Can external users upload files?

Can external users upload files? Yes. File Request Pro has been specifically created to make it as easy as possible for anyone to send you files – team members, partners or external clients.

How do I use a document collection portal?

Many document collection portals are extensive 'hubs' where users are faced with multiple actions and requests. Keep it simple for your clients and partners by showing them a few requests at a time. Send documents automatically to your cloud drive (including shared drives). Dynamically organise them by any value you choose.


How do I upload a document to a portal?

0:092:29Portal 9: Upload Documents to Portal - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipCan you find a folder to which you would like to upload the document. Click on upload. Click onMoreCan you find a folder to which you would like to upload the document. Click on upload. Click on upload files to find the file and click on open. Click on this icon.

How do I securely upload a document?

File-Sharing Services to Securely Transfer FilesOnionShare. OnionShare is an open-source tool that lets you utilize peer-to-peer file sharing to securely transfer files directly to the recipient's computer. ... Wormhole. ... Bitwarden Send. ... Dropbox. ... Mega. ... Tresorit. ... DocSend.

How do I set up a secure portal?

0:2411:45How to create a customer portal in 11 minutes - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipFirst thing i need to do is turn my order data into a web application. Since i just need to giveMoreFirst thing i need to do is turn my order data into a web application. Since i just need to give customers a way to access their data i'll create a retrieval which pulls data from the database.

What is a file sharing portal?

A client portal is an interface for file sharing, access digital files, services, and information, over the Internet through a web browser from anywhere. The term client portal is most commonly applied to a portal used by an organization as well as its clients to exchange information and files.

Is Dropbox safe for confidential files?

To keep your files safe, Dropbox is designed with multiple layers of protection, distributed across a scalable, secure infrastructure. These layers of protection include: Dropbox files at rest are encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

What is the best way to send confidential documents?

The safest way to send a document via email is by using encryption. This can be done by encrypting individual emails as well as email attachments. However, an easier way is to use electronic signature software, such as Signaturely.

How do I make my own portal?

This tutorial walks you through the following tasks to help you create a basic portal application:Step 1: Start the Server.Step 2: Create A New Portal Site.Step 3: Create a Portlet and Make it Visible to the Portal.Step 4: Update the Look and Feel of the Portal.

How much does a secure portal cost?

Comparison of Best Client PortalSoftwareAboutPriceOnehubCloud-based file sharing solution.Team: $29.95 per month. Business: $99.95 per month.HuddleClient Portal.Starting Price: $10.Client-portal.ioWordPress plugin.Single site license: $199 per year. Multi-site license: $399 per year.9 more rows•5 days ago

How do I create a Google portal?

To build your portal, perform the steps defined in the following table....Steps to build your portal.StepDescriptionCreate a custom search pageCreate a custom search page and embed a Google custom search engine.15 more rows

How do I make a free client portal?

0:005:36Create a Customer Portal with No Code in 5 Minutes Using @GlideYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipWithout code the client portal is great if you want to give your clients a unique and refined.MoreWithout code the client portal is great if you want to give your clients a unique and refined. Experience it gives them limited visibility into the status of their project.

Are online portals safe?

Portals provide a secure platform for exchanging sensitive information and files, alleviating firms of having to deal with time-consuming document encryption, password creation, and general management of a complex delivery process.

How do you share files with clients?

10 top file-sharing services: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and moreBox.Citrix ShareFile.Dropbox.Google Drive.iCloud Drive.MediaFire.Microsoft OneDrive.OpenText Hightail.More items...•

How do I send a secure PDF?

Transfer PDFs more securely.Launch Acrobat and select the Protect tool from the Tools menu.Choose your protection settings. ... Once you've protected your file, save it as a separate copy for safekeeping.Select Share With Others from the top toolbar.Add the recipients' email addresses. ... Select Send to share your file.

How do I send documents securely over the Internet?

There are various ways to transfer a file to someone securely over the internet....Here are a few you could use:Use a temporary share link with a cloud storage service.Use an encrypted email service.Use an encrypted web file transfer tool.Use an end-to-end encrypted messaging app.

How do I send personal documents securely via email?

There are really three ways to ensure you're sending docs securely over email:Encrypt the entire email.Encrypt the attachment.Password-protect the document.

How can I store documents online securely?

Our top picks for the best cloud storage services will appeal to a range of users, including small to large is our number one online backup and file sharing service. ... Egnyte Connect. ... Google Drive. ... Microsoft OneDrive. ... Dropbox.

What is secure portal?

A secure document portal to keep files out of your inbox. Save hours organizing and searching for files. All the uploaded files are automatic organized and sync to the client’s folder in your cloud storage. Portals are secure using an encrypted connection (SSL) and all your data is encrypted from your page to your cloud drive.

What is File Request Pro?

File Request Pro allows us to send our clients a link to upload their documents and creates a folder with their name in our Google Drive. Very simple, clean, and efficient. Works better than when I was using Citrix ShareFile instead of Drive at a fraction of the cost.

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