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by Dr. Ramona Wiza Published 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago

What is the agency Talent portal?

What is the Agency Talent Portal? The Agency Talent Portal is a recruitment marketing platform offering targeted recruitment services to help HR specialists and hiring managers discover highly-skilled talent. Why use Agency Talent Portal?

How do I get access to the recruiter portal?

Access to the Recruiter Portal requires an invitation. When a SmartRecruiters user invites you as an Agency, you'll receive this email that invites you to set up your Recruiter Portal profile. The created account will be activated within 48 hours.

Why recruiting agents training materials?

The video training materials ” Recruiting Agents ( Edition 1 & Edition 2 ) ” contains the most productive mass recruitment activities which has been practiced by many successful people in insurance industry. Hence, the recruitment activities are tried and tested in real life, in real situation and with real people.

How to sign up for an agency application?

ONLINE AGENCY APPLICATION REGISTRATION new user ( candidate ) to sign up first. Existing user to login directly for registration. sponserer to directly go to sponserer login for consent. Login Enter Mobile Number Enter Password Existing User


FMO in a Box

In a competitive insurance industry, most wholesalers need more than “higher commission” as a recruitment tool as today’s agents are usually looking for “more value” from their BGA/wholesaler on a consistent basis.

How can AIPMA help your agent recruitment efforts?

Agent Portal: This myAIP-fueled website becomes your customizable online tool for your agents to access life insurance term quotes, annuity quotes, online contracting, underwriting guidelines, forms, and much more. AIPMA also can brand this site with your logo, contact information, and social media links.

Grow Your Agency!

AIPMA wants to share some ideas and different concepts to help you in agent recruiting efforts. Contact Chris Howe, Vice President of Business Development, to see how AIPMA can provide you with some tools to make your agency stand out. You also can schedule a conversation by clicking the button to the right.

Get Top Performing Talent Leads

RGI understands that finding, attracting, and developing a top sales force is an important way to help your business grow. Whether you are small and mighty or a Fortune 500 company, RGI can help. With our highly customizable talent and agent recruitment program, you'll be hiring new talent in no time.

Data-Driven Approach

Successful, data-driven talent recruitment means hiring new people who perform as well as your most successful team members. With access to over 600 unique targeting attributes, RGI helps find talent leads that meet the growing needs of your business strategy.

Attract Top Producers

Every organization has its own culture, and no one knows what makes a successful team member better than you. RGI draws from national consumer and agent databases to target the traits that describe your ideal team member. Whether you want to train fresh talent or look for experienced talent, we create custom campaigns that fit your growth strategy.

Sourcing top-notch talent can be a challenge

RGI has the solution. Using advanced data analysis and geographic insights, we can find and deliver talent recruitment leads that perform like the valuable, high-potential team members you already have.

One Job many rewards

LIC agency can be taken up even by already employed professionals as it's a very flexible part time job. Home makers, retired individuals and freshers too can take it up. Part time LIC agency can provide income like in a big business and security, rewards and benefits like in a government job. Join us today. Fulfill your dreams.

The Job

Every Individual has a financial goal and LIC has a policy for every requirement. All that an agent needs to do is help individuals get the right policy for their requirement.

Three simple steps to success!

LIC policies are designed in such a way that they can be easily understood by anyone. And LIC’s expert training helps you understand them even more easily. In just a few training sessions we will have you mastered the concepts.

Step 1 : Registration and submission of Documents

Register online in the registration page of this website. LIC representative will meet you in person to collect the above mentioned documents and fees.

Step 2 : Training

You will be provided training by LIC experts. You will also be provided with training material.

Step 3 : Licensing

On successful completion of the examination you will be awarded an LIC agency by the Branch Manager.

Who is the Agency Talent Portal for?

Federal employees who work in recruitment, including HR specialists, recruiters, hiring managers, disability program managers and event coordinators.

What is the Agency Talent Portal?

The Agency Talent Portal is a recruitment marketing platform offering targeted recruitment services to help HR specialists and hiring managers discover highly-skilled talent.

Why use Agency Talent Portal?

With ATP, you can create and collaborate on recruitment campaigns, search over 1.5 million resumes, and create career-related events to post on USAJOBS.

How long does it take to activate a SmartRecruiters account?

The created account will be activated within 48 hours.

How to send a message to a client?

If you need to send a message to your clients about an assignment or candidate: Click Assignments at the top of the portal. Click on the name of the job in the Assignments list. On the job's Assignment Details page, click Message Company. In the pop-up, enter your message.

What is OSI agent?

OSI Agents operate throughout the full spectrum of warfare. Armed with elite investigative training and state-of-the-art technology, OSI agents identify, exploit and neutralize criminal, terrorist and intelligence threats to the Air Force, Department of Defense and U.S. Government. OSI is looking for qualified Active Duty Enlisted members ...

Can you apply for a control roster?

Members who are currently on the Control Roster or who have a current Unfavorable Information File are not eligible. However, members with letters of counseling, letters of reprimand, or some types of Article 15s in their record are eligible to apply.

Do Air Force agents stay at their current assignment?

In rare cases, members will remain at their current assignment. However, the majority of agents are relocated after retraining into OSI. As with any other Air Force career field, you'll have input regarding the locations you desire, but the needs of the Air Force come first.

Do Air Force agents deploy?

Do agents deploy? Yes, just like most members of the Air Force, agents deploy. What are the physical requirements? There are no special physical requirements. You must simply be worldwide qualified and have a current passing score on all components of the fitness assessment.

Do you have to be in another field to be an enlisted Air Force?

No. All enlisted personnel, even those coming from other branche s of the armed forces, must serve in another Air Force career field prior to applying to OSI. All applicants must meet the rank and time-in-service requirements stipulated above.

Do OSI agents travel?

The nature of OSI work, however, practically dictates at least some travel for everyone, as any investigation could require an agent to conduct an interview or gather evidence at other locations. And, from time to time, agents are called away to testify at courts-martial at their previous assignment locations.

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