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by Orville Veum Published 1 year ago Updated 4 months ago

Do I need an auskey for online services?

Your digital service provider will let you know what you need to do. You do need an AUSkey for desktop software and to access Online services for agents and the Tax Agent Portal. BAS agents can prepare, lodge and revise activity statements and other reports using our secure online services.

Is auskey still available for SBR?

set up your hosted SBR service name (for software providers) and enable machine credentials AUSkey is no longer available. Find out more about accessing online services with myGovID and RAM

How do I access the online services for agents?

To access our online services, you'll need to use myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM). The functions available to you will depend on your Access Manager permissions. Online services for agents is our main channel for you to interact with us online. You can use it to: view and update your client's registration details

Why do I need a registered tax or bas agent?

They allow you to manage your business reporting and transactions at a time that is convenient for you. If you use a registered tax or BAS agent for your tax and superannuation matters, you can still access our online services. You can do most of your business reporting and transactions with us online using:


How do I lodge BAS on myGovID?

Once you're signed in to myGov, access the ATO from My member services, then:Select Tax and then Activity statements from the menu.To lodge a new activity statement, select Lodge activity statement. To view or revise an already lodged activity statement, select View or revise activity statements.

How do I lodge a BAS business portal?

You can lodge your BAS:through a registered tax or BAS through the ATO's Online services for business or Standard Business Reporting (SBR) through your myGov account linked to the ATO (only if you're a sole trader)by phone (for nil statements only)by mail.

How do I lodge my BAS return online?

You can lodge your BAS online:via your online accounting software.through your myGov account if you're a sole trader.through the ATO's online business having a registered tax or BAS agent (generally an accountant or bookkeeper) submit it for you.

How do I log into the business portal?

2:056:22Logging into the Business Portal - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSuch a convoluted process but it is what it is so you use your mind cup ID to log in to theMoreSuch a convoluted process but it is what it is so you use your mind cup ID to log in to the relationship authorization manager and it gives you your business things.

Can I submit my own BAS?

Most businesses that lodge their own BAS prepare and lodge online. Lodging your BAS electronically is a quick, easy and secure and means you: can lodge at a time that's convenient to you. may receive an additional two weeks to lodge and pay your BAS – see our two-week deferral offer.

What replaced ATO business Portal?

service Online services for businessThe Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has 'flicked the switch' on for its new service Online services for business, replacing its existing Business Portal. The change makes Online services for business the ATO's default service for businesses that interact directly with the ATO online.

Do you need an ABN to lodge a BAS?

To simplify matters, the ATO will automatically send you a BAS form when it's time to lodge once you have registered for an Australian business number (ABN).

Do I need to lodge a BAS if no income?

You still have to lodge a statement. Even if you have nothing to report this quarter, you still have to lodge a nil activity statement. The easiest and fastest way to lodge is online.

Do I need to lodge a BAS if not registered for GST?

But here is the important clue: You will only be required to lodge a BAS when you have registered for the Goods and Services Tax (GST). And you are only required to register for GST, when your business' expected gross income (excluding GST of 10%) is equal to or more than $75,000.

How do I log into myGovID account?

Go to and follow these steps to connect your myGovID:select Continue with Digital myGovID as your identity Continue with myGovID.sign in using your myGovID.consent to sharing your information with Continue and sign in to your myGov account to connect your myGovID.More items...

How do I link my business portal to myGov?

To link the ABN, select 'Account Settings' located at the top of the myGov screen. Step 3 – Under the 'General Settings', select 'Manage ABN Connections'. Step 4 – There will be a prompt to link the myGov account to the ATO, Centrelink, or Medicare, and also the choice to get a code sent to the mobile when signing in.

How do I find my ATO linking code?

Phone us on 13 28 61 to get a linking code. We will ask you some questions to prove who you are. tax file number ■ linking code.

How do you complete a business activity statement?

Prepare your informationDouble check you've included all your transactions.Make sure they're all business expenses.Ensure your sales and expenses are for the same dates as your BAS reporting period.If you're using accounting software, make sure you've coded items correctly.

How do I lodge BAS in Xero?

In the Accounting menu, select Advanced.Under Advanced settings select Financial settings.Click Go to new BAS.(Optional) Click Learn more about Connected BAS.You'll be presented with the connection setup prompt.Click Continue and follow the onscreen instructions. ... Call the ATO to authorise the connection.More items...

How do you process BAS in Xero?

In the Accounting menu, select Advanced, then click Financial settings. Click Go to Simpler BAS. Choose whether you want to lodge your Activity Statements with Xero, or manually.

How do you do BAS in MYOB?

To set up your activity statement informationGo to the Accounts command centre and click Prepare BAS/IAS. (In version 2016.2 and earlier, click BASlink.)In the Lodge Manually tab, click BAS lnfo. The BAS Information window appears. ... Specify your activity statement information. ... Click OK.

What do I need to log in to OSFA?

To ensure the security of OSfA transactions, you must meet minimum security and computer requirements. To log in, you'll need to use both: myGovID – a digital identity credential to prove who you are online.

What is an OSFA?

Online services for agents (OSfA) is a secure system for registered tax and BAS agents and their authorised staff. It provides access to a range of client information and services.

Online services for business

Online services for business is the default online service for businesses, approved self-managed super fund (SMSF) auditors, and other organisations to engage with us. This service is streamlined and contemporary – you can access it at any time on multiple devices, including smart devices such as your mobile phone or tablet.

Accessing Online services for business

To access Online services for business you will need to sign in using myGovID.

How to use Online services for business

The information below complements the prompts and help available throughout Online services for business. Additional help, relevant to the action you are performing, is available by selecting the Help button within the service.

Standard Business Reporting (SBR)-enabled software

Standard Business Reporting (SBR) is a standard approach to online or digital record keeping to simplify business reporting obligations. Digital service providers build SBR rules into business software to make the software ‘SBR-enabled’.

Providing feedback

We know you are busy and appreciate your support to help us improve our online services. To provide feedback complete the Give us your feedback form in Online services for business. You can find it at the bottom of every page.

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