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by Deon Windler Published 11 months ago Updated 4 months ago

Is bright health good insurance?

But I've been happy with Bright Health as they cover what they claim they do and their rates are really not that horrible. But you may live in an area with not many Bright Health network hospitals or doctors so another plan might be better.

How to verify Bright Health?

Bright Health is putting the focus in healthcare back where it belongs – on the patient and their provider. ... • Verify member eligibility and view benefit details • Submit electronic prior authorization requests • Obtain prior authorization forms

Is Bright Health a marketplace plan?

States use either the federally-facilitated marketplace, or their own state exchange to pass along savings. This is where Bright HealthCare is sold with subsidies that reduce your monthly health insurance premiums. If you have more questions, don't worry - we can help you determine whether you qualify.

What insurance is bright health?

Bright HealthCare offers Individual & Family health insurance and Medicare Advantage plans with more coverage for less money. We save you hundreds.


A Faster Way

Looking for the fastest way to check patient benefits, submit a claim, or an electronic prior authorization? Bright HealthCare uses as a Provider Portal to connect with your practice in a protected and streamlined way.

We create real savings and then pass them onto you

Bright HealthCare is dedicated to creating the best in class provider service network. Use the "Join the Network" link to get in touch with one of the members of our contracting team.

No Referrals

No referrals for in network-specialists or facilities means lower administrative burden for you.

Claim Turnaround

Fast Payment on claims, aiming to beat industry averages and regulatory standards by 10% or more.

The Personal Touch

Local dedicated resources are always available to assist in managing Bright HealthCare members.

Taking the mystery out of Plan Tiers

So, what’s the difference between bronze, silver and gold plans anyway? Let’s break it down so you can better compare your plan options.

Gold Plans

Best for: People who expect to use their coverage often: ongoing prescriptions, frequent provider visits, etc. Most benefits have copays, so costs are more predictable.

Silver Plans

Best for: Those who expect to use their plans occasionally and would like lower deductibles and more benefits than a Bronze plan.

Bronze Plans

Best for: Healthy individuals who want to minimize their monthly premiums and are comfortable with the risk of a higher deductible in the event of a high-cost health incident.

Catastrophic Plans

Best for: Those under age 30 who desire low premiums and expect minimal medical incidents. Coverage includes 3 primary care visits, then no other benefits until the maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP) is reached.

Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)

Now you can use HRA dollars from your employer on Individual & Family health insurance from Bright Health Company of Arizona.

Contact Bright HealthCare

By entering my phone number, I agree that Bright HealthCare and/or a sales agent may call me 8am - 8pm local time M-F, provide me with information about the plan, and answer any questions I may have.

Medicare Advantage plans with plenty of real advantages

Our plans include everything original Medicare does and extra benefits it doesn't.

Still have questions? We have answers

Our free, informational events allow you to discuss your specific needs and our latest plans with friendly brokers and Bright HealthCare representatives.

Interactive events

From educational seminars to pop-up booths at local events and retail stores, we have lots of ways to get the conversation started.

Medicare basics

Whether you’re brand new to Medicare or have had some coverage for years, there’s a lot to know. Visit our Medicare basics page for a simple explanation of how all the “parts” fit together, everything they cover, and definitions of commonly used terms.

Help paying for Medicare

Bright HealthCare’s people and programs can help you find new ways to make your Medicare Advantage plan and benefits more practical and affordable. Your health insurance agent is also a great resource for insights and advice.

Extra help eligibility

Depending upon your current income, you might qualify for Medicare’s “Extra Help” program – a special option designed to lower your costs for prescription medication and other healthcare services.

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