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by Brandi Bashirian Published 6 months ago Updated 4 months ago

What is digital agent?

Digital Agent is your one-stop shop for all things managed business technology. As your strategic partner, we learn about your business, build a plan that will scale with your goals, then provide a solution customized to your budget. Most companies offer hardware or phone service and support; with Digital Agent, you get both.

Why digital agent for top performing advisors?

Don’t lose another top performing advisor. The leading advisors are utilizing Digital Agent’s marketing suite to connect on personal level with clients. Save Your Seat! Digital Agent is the marketing platform of choice of Top Performing and High Net Worth Advisors.

How do I use the dealer analytics page?

There are two sections of the Dealer Analytics page — one to provide an overview, and the other for details. View a summary of customer and system information for the current month, year or the total values for each item. For example, view the number of customers added this month, this year or in total.


Your Path to the Top

Digital Agent is the marketing platform of choice of Top Performing and High Net Worth Advisors. Our purpose-built solution provides you with an all-in-one marketing solution to enable you to establish a personalized digital presence and engage with your clients to increase your book of business.

Unlock All Your Teams

When organizations implement Digital Agent their advisor marketing solution, they free their support teams to provide strategic guidance to their advisor network. Ultimately, unlocking their advisors to become expert marketers and grow their book of business.

Stop Compromising on Satisfaction & ROI

Ease of use, adoption, advisor support, lead generation, assets under management. Other marketing platforms make you choose. With Digital Agent, you can be the hero to any of your stakeholders.

The Marketing Platform that Reduces Risk

The built-in compliance workflow and automated auditing features means will drastically cut down your review times and increase risk protection. Allowing you to respond to other compliance requests, worry-free.

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