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by Hobart Ernser Published 9 months ago Updated 4 months ago

How to become an insurance agent with Max life insurance?

. How to Become an Insurance Agent with Max Life Insurance? You have the following options to become an insurance agent and work with Max Life Insurance: Apply online on and fill in your details.

Why Max Life suppliers portal?

Max Life trusts that suppliers play a vital role in enhancing competitive edge and needs its suppliers’ support to surge towards meeting its vision. Supplier Portal has been launched with the objective of providing an on-line access platform to be in touch with Max Life and engage in structural way on a day to day basis.

Where can I get help with Max life insurance?

Quick Reference Guide For any help please contact helpdesk @ 18001028672 & 18001218143 or mark mail to helpdesk.homeoffi[email protected]

Why choose Max Life?

As the leaders in the Life Insurance Industry and the pioneer in launching innovative products & services in the market, Max Life believes that the key differentiators in the highly dynamic business environment are:


Who can become an insurance agent and what is the minimum eligibility criterion?

Any individual who wants to ensure a regular monthly income can become an insurance agent. From businessmen to housewives and teachers to financial...

How to become an insurance agent?

You have 3 options to become a Max Life Insurance agent agent:1) Walk into the nearest Max Life Insurance office and talk to a Agency Development M...

Why Should You Become an Insurance Agent?

As a career, becoming an insurance agent (or an insurance advisor) is a productive and stress-free job opportunity. On choosing to become an insura...

What are the Benefits of Becoming an Insurance Agent in India?

As an insurance agent, you will act as the final link between the policy buyer and the insurance company. Since you will be representing the insure...

What are the Types of Insurance Agents in India?

Categorically speaking, there are many types of insurance agents, including the following:a. Internal Sales Agentb. Becoming an internal sales agen...

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of an Insurance Agent in India?

Working as an insurance agent, you must assist in the advertising and sale of different insurance products and services to your customers. Thus, be...

What is the Minimum Eligibility Criterion to Become an Insurance Agent?

As per Regulation 4 of the IRDA (Licensing of Insurance Agents) /Regulations, 2000, the minimum age to become an insurance agent is 18 years while...

What are the mandates for becoming an agent in India?

1· To become an insurance agent in India, you must pass the IRDAI IC 38 pre-recruitment qualification exam. The exam is conducted by institutes san...

Why should retired people become life insurance agents?

While retired people earn a decent salary in the working years, the source of income become scarce once they retire. If they don’t have any retirem...

Why should housewives become life insurance agents?

As an insurance agent, you can positively impact other people's lives by helping them to build assets, create and transfer wealth from parents to t...

How to become an insurance agent?

1) You must have an in-depth understanding and customary awareness about the various markets . 2) You must provide sound and dependable financial consulting services and customer support to your clients. 3) You must be adept in Business Development tactics to augment your skills as an insurance agent.

What are the benefits of becoming an insurance agent?

Benefits of becoming an insurance agent for Students: 1 An opportunity to earn while you learn 2 Multiple employment avenues available after the graduation 3 An opportunity to learn, for your professional and personal growth in an experiential manner 4 Get recognized across Regional, National & Global forums

What does it mean to work for yourself as an insurance agent?

When you decide to work for yourself as an insurance agent, you have the flexibility to work as per your schedule. You can develop your own system for attracting, meeting and developing clients. When you become an insurance agent, you can invest your time and resources to maximize returns from the entire insurance selling experience.

How many hours of training do I need to become an insurance agent?

3) Completing 75 hours of training If you wish to become a composite (i.e. Life/general) insurance agent.

What are the qualities of an insurance agent?

For example, good communication skills, patience, understanding, perseverance will only add value to your business.

What is captive sales agent?

As a captive sales agent, you will work for one organization or company. e. Independent Insurance agent. Being an independent Insurance Agent/Insurance Advisor, you are regarded as a general contractor, who has individual agreements with insurance companies to promote their products.

What is the job of insurance agent in India?

Being an insurance agent in India is one such career opportunity that allows one to have complete autonomy over choosing the work hours and pay. Furthermore, one can work at their own pace in a career that allows you to travel to different places and meet different people.

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