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by Dr. Elda Stehr Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

What's new to sagesure agent portal?

New to SageSure Agent Portal? The SageSure AgentPortal provides access to SageSure's Products, allowing registered Agents to create quotes and bind and manage their customers' policies.

Why partner with sagesure?

Our agent partners are amazing. SageSure gives agents everything they need to provide the best coverage for customers. Our diversified risk strategy guarantees long-term stability, profitability and the peace of mind that we’ll be here when they need us most.

What is the Policy Services team at sagesure?

SageSure maintains administrative policies and technical safeguards that are designed to protect your information against loss or unauthorized access or acquisition. Our Policy Services Team is here to help you with any technical, quote, policy, claims, or underwriting-related matters.

What is the review of sagesure by users?

SageSure holds an average rating of 4.5 Based on 191 reviews from Google. Lesli was amazing and extremely helpful as well as patient.


The SageSure Sales API enables qualified partners to easily quote a risk, determine eligibility, get quote documents and bridge their users over to SageSure Agent Portal so that they can bind coverage for their customers

Our API binds nearly $1 million of new business coverage a day, issuing, endorsing and renewing hundreds of thousands of policies per year.

Contact our team to learn more about becoming a SageSure partner

Already a SageSure partner? Enter your code and access the SageSure Sales API guide here.

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