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by Ms. Rosetta Purdy Published 6 months ago Updated 4 months ago

What is trader Moni portal?

The official web address of Trader Moni Portal is This is a very useful program whose main purpose is to provide loan to micro traders, market women, small scale farmers and agric worker nationwide. Let me tell you that this loan scheme is operated under Bank of Industry.

How to pay off trader Moni loan?

By applying for this Trader Moni Loan, you can pay it off in a monthly way. The repayment period is determined based on an agreement between the Bank and the borrower. Every month you will repay the loan principal along with the loan interest rate determined by the Bank.

What are trader Moni loans with small interest collateral?

Usually, trader moni loans with small interest collateral are given by Bank of Industry to small and medium entrepreneurs as an effort to help entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. This is very important for the government because small and medium entrepreneurs have a considerable influence on the country’s economy.

What is the trademoni programme?

It is an advanced stage program of social assistance programs to become business independence that targets micro enterprises in the lowest level, which cannot yet be facilitated by banking through the People’s Business Credit (KUR) program. The Federal Government offers interest free loans through this TradeMoni Programme.


How can I be a trader Moni agent?

How to become a Trader Moni agentLocate the coordinator in your state. The first step is to get in touch with the coordinator of the scheme in your state. You can find information of your state coordinators here.Offer to be an agent. Once you establish contact with your coordinator, express your interest to be an agent.

How do I transfer money from TraderMoni to bank account?

From the mobile wallet, they can transfer money to any bank account, withdraw it from an ATM, withdraw cash from an agent, transfer money to another phone number, or purchase airtime. To transfer to any bank , dial *4255# and follow the on the screen instructions.

How do I withdraw a trader loan from Moni?

You will be given a trader moni application form to fill, fill it correctly. You will receive a code on that GSM number that will be use to validate your identity. Under 45hrs latest you will receive an alert on your online account. Walk up to the bank to withdraw your money either with Atm card or withdrawal slip.

How do I withdraw from TraderMoni?

How To withdraw From Aku Wallet To Your BankStep 1: Simply send AKU To 7447.Step 2: A message appears on your phone.Step 3: Enter “1” and accept.If you are registered with tradermoni, you will get a message on what to do next. ... You'll be given an ID.

What is the code for trader Moni?

Trader Moni code for registration is *4255*21# using only Glo and Etisalat Sim cards.

How do I apply for Eyowo loan?

Users can spend, send, receive, save and borrow money by dialling a USSD code: *4255# on their mobile phones or via the Eyowo mobile app or website or by just calling its IVR centre on 01-7001511, Eyowo CEO, Tomi Amao, said in a recent interview with Daily Trust.

What is Trader money all about?

TraderMoni is a Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) Initiative created to boost the Nigerian economy through leverage and access to finance for petty traders. TraderMoni is designed to help petty traders expand their trade through the provision of collateral free loans of N10,000.

What is Eyowo USSD code?

Recharge airtime on your phone. Perform transaction using *4255# USSD code. Requires no paper registration process. It's accessible anywhere on phone or online.

What is Geep loan?

The GEEP 2.0 is a loan scheme designed by the Federal Government to provide financial inclusion and give credit access to poor and vulnerable individuals, including Persons With Disability and persons at the bottom of the economic pyramid who are engaged in small scale commercial activities under its three flagship ...

How do I get a loan from Trader?

Requirements for the MarketMoni/Trader Moni FG Loan Scheme 2022/2023You must be a Nigerian.You must be 18 years and above.You must be a business owner or a trader.You must belong to a market cooperative union in your location.You must have a valid identification.You must have a valid BVN.More items...•

How do I get a Geep loan?

The official GEEP registration portal is currently open for application. You can register and apply for the GEEP free loan via the official Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme portal. Sign up for the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme here.

How much is the TraderMoni Loan form?

There is no payment required during your details capturing for the TraderMoni Loan. You will not be told to pay a dime.

How long to pay back the Loan?

To pay back your TraderMoni Loan, the repayment tenure will be stretched over 6 months. The repayment is made usually every week. It will not exceed six months. For example, if you are borrowing N10,000 , you will pay back approximately N1,700 weekly.

How do I pay back?

To pay back, just go to the agent who captured your details. He or she will explain to you how to go about it.

Do I need a bank account?

Actually, there are two things involved here. For the initial N10,000 loan, you do not need a bank account of your own.

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How to become Trader Moni Agent-

Step 1: Becoming a trader moni Agent is not a rocket science but one thing you must know is that you have to apply through a state coordinator. Each state is being handle by a coordinator.

How does trader moni work?

The trader moni innovative is a program introduced by the federal government of Nigeria aim at boasting small scale business in Nigeria.

Key point of the loan

First this loan according to the government is design to expand your business

trader moni application and registration

Trader moni application can be done remotely through an agent, so what you have to do is to locate an agent through your union. Please carry your union or corporative societies along in all you do

how to apply for trader moni

To apply for trader moni is not that difficult but first you have to Meet some requirements before you will be allow to fill the form click here to read more

trader moni agents

The federal government through the bank of Industry has been able to engage about 40,000 agents notion wide and they are expected to engage more click here to become an Agent now

trader moni code

During your registration a code will be sent to you via sms this is usually use to validate your mobile number. If you are finding it difficult getting this cold then you need to change your mobile number

trader moni website

All online registration is usually done via the official web address of the Bank of Industry, there is a link there which you are expected to click. Those who has been asking for trader moni website or link can now have it here

What is Trader Moni?

About Trader Moni. One of the initiatives and Social intervention programs under the “Business and Entrepreneurship development” is the “trader money”. The trader money initiative is an empowerment scheme that was set up to help traders. Under this scheme, about 2 million traders are to get soft loans. By soft loans, it means that they are ...

What is the trader money initiative?

The trader money initiative is an empowerment scheme that was set up to help traders. Under this scheme, about 2 million traders are to get soft loans. By soft loans, it means that they are to get money which they would pay back without interest. Part of the plans of the Federal government while setting up this scheme is to boost the economy of the country.

What is Trader Moni?

Trader Moni is a loan provision scheme, set up by the federal government of Nigeria, just like Market Moni, but it is unique in the sense that it is created and caters for petty traders and creatives in Nigeria specifically.

How long do you have to pay back Moni loans?

How long do I have to pay back Trader Moni loans? Six months. You are expected to pay ₦430 every week for six months. However, to become automatically eligible for higher amounts, you can pay back in three months, which is a payment of ₦860 every week.

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