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How to use Lic portal for online transactions?

Once reached the web page where you will easily find two fields and login button. Enter your username or agency code and password and click on login. Using LIC portal, a merchant can easily and comfortably collect all the details. And information related to sold policies and schemes by him/her.

How to register for e-services on LIC portal?

If already registered on LIC Portal: Click on e-Services, login with your user-id and password. Register your policies for availing the e-services by filling up the form provided.

How do I Find my LIC agent code?

how to find my lic agent code? You need PAN or aadhaar number, and visit the IRDA Agent locator as mentioned above enter Your PAN or UID Number click On search you will get the details. or login to lic agent Portal after successful login you will see the LIC agent code.

How to change/reset LIC agent password?

Click ‘Change Password’. Enter User ID and current password. Enter the new password and confirm the password. Click ‘Reset’. Eligible candidates can also apply online before being called for the interview. Here are the steps to apply for becoming an LIC agent: Visit the official website of LIC.


How do I log into my LIC agents portal?

Visit the official website of LIC at 'Agents Portal' under Online Services menu tab.Select role as 'Agent'.Enter Agent Code/Email/Mobile Number.Enter password and date of birth.Click 'Sign In' to proceed.

How can I get LIC username and password?

If not registered on LIC Portal: Visit, click on the tab “new User”, select your own user-id and password and provide all the necessary information. Now you are a registered Portal user.

What is User ID in LIC portal?

Step 7:A User ID and Password must then be selected based on the terms and conditions of the website. This user ID and password will be your login credentials for the LIC portal. Step 8:A welcome mail will be sent to your registered email ID, confirming your registration for LIC's e-services.

What is LIC agency code?

Online LIC Agent Portal - lic agent code 20483x, LIC Agents and Development Officers can sign up and login. Agent Details.

What is MPIN in LIC app?

MPIN is a 4 digit secret code configured as a password for logging in to MFU Portal using a mobile device.

How can I check my LIC policy online without registration?

The Life Insurance Corporation of India provides an SMS number. It can be used to verify the status of a policy without having to register. You need to SMS ASKLICSTAT to 56767877 from your registered phone number.

How can I become a LIC agent online?

You can also fill the online application form to 'Want to be an LIC agent' on the official LIC website and wait for the Development Officer to contact you. Participate in an interview. Clear the interview conducted by the Branch Manager. Complete training.

How can I change my LIC agent code?

There is no need and no provision to change your LIC agent, as there is no contract between you and an LIC agent. As far as a policyholder is concerned, the contract is with insurance company. The agent is just a facilitator. 2....Answers.Joined:06/05/2015Points:530141 more row•Aug 27, 2016

Can I check LIC policy status online?

Check LIC Policy Status Online (For Registered User) Step 1: You must visit the e-Service Portal of LIC. The screen will show you two options namely, New User and Registered User. Click on the relevant option. Step 2: You will need to enter the LIC of India login credentials namely, your User Name and Password.

How can I know my IRDA license number?

You need to contact your insurance company for the same. The details of your license would be available from the insurance company through whom you have appeared for the examination of the IRDA.

How can I download IRDA license?

IRDA Certificate Download With Pan NumberVisit the official website of IRDA Portal.Now click on the PAN Lookup option given on the top corner.Now fill your PAN or Adhaar Card Number and fill the captcha code in the given fields.Now click on submit button.More items...•

How can I download my LIC policy?

Download LIC Policy Detailed Status ReportOpen > Hover to Online Services.Click Registered User > Enter Login User ID > Password > Date of Birth > Click Sign In.Select Individual Policy Details.Open Basic Services.Click Policy Status.Check the status of All / Self / Spouse or Child Policies.More items...

How can I change my LIC online mobile number?

First of all, visit the official website of LIC Go to the customer services section on the home page and click on the Update Your Contact Details- online option at the bottom. Click on Update Your Contact Details link.

How can I know my LIC policy receipt?

Step 1: Visit the LIC website ( and click on 'LIC's e-Services' under the option which says 'Online Services'. Step 2: If you are a registered user, select 'Registered User'. Step 3: You will be redirected to the login screen where you will have to key in your user name and passwor, and date of birth.

How can I check my LIC installment premium without tax?

Step 1: The first step is to visit the official LIC website at Step 2: From there you should visit the Customer Portal; on the right-hand side of the page, you will find LIC Online Service Portal. Step 3: Under LIC Online Service Portal, you will find the 'Premium Calculator' option.

why become the lic agent? – lic agent benefits

you will become a financial advisor when you train for lic agency ship.

how to become an lic agent

Contact any Nearest LIC development office or manager they will hire you, But you need to pass IRDA Agent exam. which required 7 days training Programme. This IRDA Agent exam applicable for all Life insurance companies, This exam involves computer Online test. These days its difficult to become a LIC Agent.

LIC Agent Commission Chart

Now LIC Paying 25% commission on LIC Premium to the Agent. if you advised a candidate to buy a plan that

lic merchant login Portal Registration process for agents

Offline: For offline registration, one needs to send filled the attached form to SDM Secretariat.

Log in to your LIC online agent portal: – working

Once done with registration, you can easily log in to the online portal by going to this link

IRDA Agency code & Agency status of any Insurance company

How to find LIC Agents list & check their license code? – IRDA agent Locator

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