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by Rodrigo Kassulke Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

How do I submit a project to Zurich?

Projects valued up to USD $75 million can be submitted by any broker. Projects of $50 million and above are processed through a Zurich-assigned broker. See Program features and Additional coverage options below. Zurich offers exclusive Residential Builders Risk Insurance for new construction, remodeling and installation projects.

Why work with Zurich in distribution?

Our colleagues in distribution are important to us. This resource hub offers access to advantageous tools, contacts, resources and information for insurance brokers and agents. Zurich is a leader in the programs insurance business because we have the ability to write business for some of the most unique risks across a wide array of industries.

How do I log in to Zurich North America?

Online Services Careers Media About Zurich Login Zurich North America > Log In Log In This is a secure section of our site which requires your username and password. Please enter this information and click on the Log In button I'm ready to log in! Username Password Sign Up! If you are not registered to any Zurich North America site,

How do I contact Zurich American insurance company?

If you have any problems, please call 1-877-263-0583. PrivacyCopyright © 2021 Zurich Access to this web site is governed by theTerms of use. Policies are underwritten by the member companies of Zurich North America, including Zurich American Insurance Company


What is US Assure?

Through US Assure, many Builders Risk coverages are automatically included with the option to increase limits and add coverage for other construction exposures during the policy term.

What is insurance protection?

Insurance protection of interests relating to hard costs of project, materials and labor, general conditions expense, construction management fees, contractor’s profit, and overhead and temporary structures.

Does Builders Risk Insurance cover construction?

Whether it is coverage for a building under construction, materials on site, materials in transit to the work location, or delay in completion, Builders Risk Insurance can provide coverage for both owners and general contractors.

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